basketball instruction

Get Into Basketball Hoops

Quick Beginner Basketball Tips

# Before the season starts, develop a conditioning program. Emphasize both aerobic and muscle fitness.

# Start gradually with such exercises as skipping rope and other activities that work on your agility, coordination and balance.

# Work to strengthen you ankles, shins and calves.

# Warm up and stretch for 5-to-10 minutes before starting to play.

# If you have injured part of your body while playing basketball, you are more like to reinjure that part.

# Take off rings, watches and necklaces while playing.

# Don’t wear clothes that have pockets.

# For maximum eye protection, wear goggles.

# Always were basketball shoes.

# Players are more likely to get hurt in aggressive, high-contact games. Players are less like to get hurt when they have trained coaches and play in games that have officials who enforce the rules.

# Check the court and sidelines for trip hazards such as gym bags and water bottles.

# Drink plenty of water while playing.